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"The Original Jet Truck ©"

Driven by:  BOB MOTZ, Wadsworth, Ohio


Jet Truck and driver licensed by IHRA & NHRA




The first jet truck ever built


The first jet truck to run over 150 mph in a quarter mile (1980)


The first jet truck to run a seven second e.t. in the quarter mile


The first jet truck to run over 200 mph in a quarter mile


IHRA and NHRA record holder for speed and e.t.


Maryland land speed record holder


Winner of the only side-by-side jet truck race (2002)





BODY:                                    1998 W 900 Kenworth Conventional with sleeper


FRAME:                                 Chrome-Moly


BRAKES:                               Four-Wheel Disc


WHEELS:                               by Alcoa


PARACHUTES:                     Four – 16 foot ribbons


POLISHING:                         by TUT Industries


FIBERGLASS:                       Truk-Rodz by Jones Performance


WEIGHT:                               7,000 lbs.



ENGINE:                                J79 General Electric from a B-58 Bomber or F4 Phantom Fighter


POWER:                                 17,500 lbs. of Thrust


FUEL CONSUMPTION:       80 - 90 Gallons of Jet Fuel per Quarter Mile Run


CONSTRUCTION:                One and a half years to build


COST:                                     $250,000.00



FASTEST SPEED       1/8 mile:          174 MPH                    1/4 mile:          234.60 MPH


QUICKEST ET          1/8 mile:             4.64                          1/4 mile:                 6.34

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